Sloths are some of the most adorable animals on earth. They often look as if they are smiling and they always take their time whatever they are doing. Plus they really make the public administration look fun.

Sadly, the pygmy three-toed sloth is critically endangered – a 2012 census estimated the total population at 79. They are listed in the book of the world’s 100 most threatened by extinction species. The tropical forest where they live is being cut down for timber and human settlement and this limits where they can live.

We love sloths so if you get hired through Sloth.Works we will adopt a Sloth in your name. This does not mean that you are going to have a sloth that you can see in the zoo and pet it, we are trying to prevent this. It means that we will donate $25 to WWF to preserve the tropical forest where sloths live. You will get a certificate in your name along a picture with more information.

We started this campaign as we received a few sloth pictures taken outside of their natural habitat. Making selfies with sloths is extremely traumatic for them. It is much worse than the stress you get when recruiters interrupt your work 🙂 We do not post such pictures on our Facebook Page and encourage you not to like any pictures of sloths with humans.

We all want less stress, right?


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